“The Sleep Sync Source system is a most pleasant one for relaxation and sleep enhancement. The hypnotherapeutic, meditative functional audio recordings are very effective in inducing a relaxation response. The audio imaginatively and helpfully transports one to a calm and restorative place while deeply breathing the rhythms and sounds of nature.”- Dr. Elizabeth Crosby / MD, CCFP
“The Sleep Sync Source system is very powerful and effective naturopathic tranquilizer for the nervous system, inducing the relaxed state of mind and body.”- Allan Glasser / Pharmacist, RPh
“Sleep Sync Source, when combined with the accompaniments, the experience is second to none for a relaxing progression into sleep. This new technology should be a great aid for patients with insomnia, but also for patients with anxiety, migraines, and high stress levels. This is a calming effect like no other.”- Dr. Cory Toth / MD, Neurologist
“The AromaW!se Aroma Diffuser can be a tremendous sleep aid for people with and without sleep issues. It has a calming effect with music emanating from the BlueTooth connection. Lavender aromas slowly spread around your bedroom, soothing your thoughts.”- Dr. Cory Toth / MD, Neurologist
The SenseW!se Acupressure Eye Massager is a tremendous solution for patients with sleep issues. Along with the massage, there is also audio provided through a BlueTooth connection to provide soothing sleep-inducing sounds that are downloadable. This device can be a welcome addition for all persons to ease into well deserved sleep, but also for persons bombarded with high stress levels, and for patients with insomnia, headaches and anxiety.- Dr. Cory Toth / MD, Neurologist


Pillow with built-in speakers



Aroma diffuser with built-in Bluetooth speakers



Sleep-inducing eye massager with earphones


Breathing Peace – Demo

The Whisper Of Sea – Demo


For SleepWise buyers

The provided audio files are specially designed only for SleetWise.
Do not listen to these with other audio media which may cause hearing impairment.

For all buyers

Please do not play the provided audio files on a loop since they are elaborately designed to confirm to natural relaxation and sleep phases of the brain.